Weekly Giveaway 2 Cast Iron Skillet

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Weekly Giveaway 2 Cast Iron Skillet

Weekly Giveaway #2

Yesterday I gave you a choice of giveaway items to vote for on my Facebook Page. I will announce the giveaway winner on ThursdayFriday.

So here we go…this week’s reader’s choice giveaway is a Cast Iron Skillet! Every real food kitchen should have a cast iron pan for searing, sauteing and frying eggs!
FYI: This is not a sponsored giveaway — I am paying for the prize myself, and will have it mailed to the lucky winner.

Enter to Win

In order to be eligible to win the drawing, you must be subscribed to the Homemade Mommy Newsletter. It comes out once a week, with updates on the latest blog posts, updates on my e-book writing, special exclusive discount codes, and other fun stuff.

So, to enter, here’s what you have to do:

  • Click on this link to check out the cast iron skillet and leave a comment below and tell me why you want this item and what you will do with it if you win.
  • Then use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. You can earn extra entries for signing up for my newsletter, leaving a comment on this post, following me on Pinterest, liking my Facebook page and for following me on Google+!

PLEASE NOTE: This giveaway is open to US residents only; residents of Florida, New York or Rhode Island are not eligible.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Already subscribed to my newsletter and social media stuff? It still counts as an entry! Just make sure you click the buttons in the Rafflecopter widget above.

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Okay! Good luck, everyone! If you have any questions, please comment below.

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154 Responses to Weekly Giveaway 2 Cast Iron Skillet

  1. We are getting ready to finally move into our brand new house! It will be our first house that will be ours, and not just rented. I look forward to making it a home full of memories, love, and laughter. This skillet would be a great addition to our memories! I have been eyeing one for quite a while now and would love to see our family grow with home cooked meals from this skillet, that could one day teach my children to cook. Also I love your blog and all the inspiration that comes with it!

  2. Amy says:

    Cast iron skillets are awesome. I have a few myself. If I would win I would save this one for my daughter when she gets her own place. Thanks for the wonderful giveaways!

  3. Beth Ann Boyd says:

    I’m trying to get away from the non-stick pans and would love a cast-iron skillet, especially with the side handle! :)

  4. GWSAdmin says:

    I’m so excited

  5. Candace S. says:

    I’ve been trying to switch out to cast iron – thrilled about the chance to win!

  6. Girl Going Country says:

    I’ve been wanting to get a cast iron pan – so much better for cooking, even heat, etc. I hope I win!

  7. disqus_RLpctKBb0s says:

    So need this skillet!!

  8. disqus_eHxbQCWT6f says:

    Would love this skillet!

  9. Elly says:

    I so need a new cast iron pan, I need to make the switch!

  10. I havn’t purchased a cast iron skillet yet for my preps. I would love to own one!

  11. I will use it to cook & bake in

  12. I do lots of cooking! My 6th kiddo is due in about 4 months and need this!

  13. I don’t have any cast iron any more. This would be a WONDERFUL give-a-way to win.

  14. My goal this year is to eliminate toxins from my home. I thought I was doing great until I realized how much more toxins exist in our everyday items. I’m terrified to use almost all of my pots and pans. I just can’t afford new ones yet. Having one safe- go- to cooking item would help so much!

  15. My husband just told me this mornings we need new pans and I told him only cast iron and that I would be saving the next few weeks for some. If I win this that would be sooooo helpful! Thank you for your generosity! :)

  16. ritamaeboyer@yahoo.com says:

    I have a small cast iron pan, and I would love to have a larger one for larger meals. I have cooked on cast iron since I was young, when my Mom cooked meals for us! I want to keep it as a tradidion in my family. :)

  17. I used to have 2 cast iron pans when I lived in Alaska, but when we moved, they didn’t make it down here. I have two small, round griddles, but I really need a large skillet with sides. My stainless skillets are alright, and healthy enough, but there’s nothing like fried potatoes in a cast iron skillet! YUM!

  18. Love cooking in cast iron skillet. First non-stick pans and they last forever. Would love to have one.

  19. disqus_uzXFXHla0D says:

    Cast iron is by far the best to cook in, and the best part is you dont even have to wash it when you are done! :-) would love more in my kitchen, i have one and use it daily

  20. Brittany C. says:

    I always loved cooking on my parent’s cast iron skillets growing up.

  21. Cast iron rules in my kitchen!

  22. All my cast iron is hand me downs! I’d love a brand spankin new skillet !

  23. We inherited our two cast iron skillets from my mom. They’re not in the best condition, although I think I could scrub a potato on them….. ha ha. It would be so fun to cook on a new one–my very own! Thanks for the offer. :)

  24. Lauren says:

    LOVE this giveaway! I have been looking to move from my stainless to castiron, and this is exactly what I need to get me started! I will make all sorts of great things with it for the fam. Thanks for helping people make better choices! :)

  25. Peggy Koch says:

    I have a small cast iron fry pan and would love to have a large one. I think they cook anything and everything better than a regular skillet.

  26. I am embarrased to say I do not yet own a cast iron skillet. I have almost every kitchen gadget healthy thing I love that the pan comes pre seasoned!

  27. sarah says:

    I have a big castiron that I use for 70% of what I make so I would LOVE this one for everything else. Thank you for great giveaways!

  28. Rebecca L says:

    I love my cast iron pan, but it’s tiny and I’d love a bigger one!

  29. nina says:

    we use the cast iron pots all the time

  30. Wendy Eaton says:

    I could really use a 2nd cast iron skillet, and get rid of my inferior ones once and for all!

  31. Angie Smith says:

    What WOULDN’T I do with a cast iron skillet?! I still have memories of spending time with a friend 14 years ago who cooked in a cast iron skillet, and it was the best food I’d ever eaten, even when it was just eggs or refried beans. Bring it on!

  32. Christina Hauri says:

    I have always wanted one of these! I am hoping to replace all of my pots and pans with ‘healthier’ options this year and this would be a great start!

  33. Leslie Rosenthal says:

    I love my cast iron skillets! With a big family, I could sure use one with an extra handle! Sometimes it gets VERY heavy, especially moving it from stove to oven and back.

  34. Andi says:

    I have always wanted a cast iron skillet! Now that I’m trying to switch my pans out for healthy pans this would be a great time :)

  35. disqus_Zg2TXCDejx says:

    I did all the things to enter in for this prize. If I win I will use this to make anything that I need to from a skillet especially pancakes and eggs. :)

  36. I would love to win this prize. My family has always used cast Iron and I’ve yet to embark on that trail. Winning this would be my first cast iron that I could cook with. I know food tastes better with cast iron.

  37. Cast iron skillets are the bomb! I’d make lots of healthy meals with it, including chili, chicken, sauces, and sauteed veggies. :)

  38. Kerri Cornwell says:

    Would love to have a good cast iron skillet : ) Don’t own one yet….

  39. Mary Rose says:

    I’ve never had a cast iron skillet, so I would love to have this be my first one!!!

  40. I love the idea of it being ‘virtually indestructable’….I’ve never used cast iron, but I sure do need to get rid of my chemical-laden nonstick one!

  41. carolyn says:

    i have never used one and we were just talking about getting one! good luck everyone and thank~you!!

  42. Michelle C says:

    The skillet would work well with my new-to-me induction cooktop!

  43. I love, love cast iron cookware!

  44. Heather W. says:

    I love cast iron. I have that I can use for pancakes but would love to have one with sides on it so I could use it for more things. I love that this one comes pre-seasoned!

  45. Pat Moore says:

    I would ditch my non-stick for this beauty.

  46. moyochuu says:

    I love my Cast Irons! Great keepsake item!

  47. Jimmmie says:

    Wow , love cast iron cooking. Would love to win this one

  48. Teresa says:

    Would love this for eggs!

  49. Amanda Hopkins says:

    I don’t have a cast iron – but I hear it’s amazing! And I’m always sad when a recipe calls for one and I have to use my non-stick instead…

  50. Tana says:

    I’m redoing everything in our life! From getting rid of chemical laden foods to downsizing our home – Next on my list is getting rid of my pots and pans to replace with all CAST IRON! :) Like my grandma used. :)

  51. Erin says:

    We are about to finally replace our groady old pots and pans with new ones! I would love a cast iron skillet to be a part of thy, but it’s not in our budget. It would be wonderful to win one!

  52. stephanie says:

    Non-toxic cooking!

  53. Awesome giveaway! My bf had been wanting one ever since he heard that the best way to make a steak is in a cast iron pan!

  54. I like things that last for a long time. And that aren’t poisoning us when we use them.

  55. Debbie D. says:

    I am trying to replace my teflon pans one by one.

  56. pkumbrello says:

    Love those cast iron pans. My brother got my mom’s pan that belonged to my grandmother. Jealous, just a little!

  57. Sara says:

    I have two teflon pans I know I shouldn’t be using but still do…this pan looks amazing.

  58. Pam Hall says:

    CAST IRON RULES! I have a small skillet that I use but always find I cook too much and need a bigger one. I love leftovers!

  59. I would love this!! We are currently in the process of trying to get rid of all of our non-stick pans and replacing them with a healthier version. We have a cast iron dutch over that we use for sooo much and we just love the flavor it gives our food!
    The skillet would be an excellent replacement for one of our non stick pans!

  60. vee says:

    I really, really love cast iron and so far I only have a Dutch over, so I am in need of a standard pan, just like this one!

  61. i love cast iron!!!! Great for everything!! ^_^

  62. Great contest idea!

  63. Hello! I love your blog. I have recently moved out of my parents home and am trying to get my kitchen in order with the necessities. I cannot find a good cast iron skillet out by me for the life of me. I would love to receive one. God Bless!

  64. elsie jannett says:

    I am totally addicted to cast iron!

  65. Kali Taylor says:

    I love cast iron! Would it in our home and camping with the kiddos

  66. Crystal says:

    Cast Iron is the best! Ask Rupunzel! 😉

  67. Cassie River says:

    Really enjoy the flavor of food cooked in cast iron. I too am trying to get rid of all of my teflon pans. & nothing lasts longer or is more healthy than cast iron in my opinion. I would be cooking everything I possibly could with a cast iron skillet.

  68. Sheena Myers says:

    Looking forward to receiving your newsletter! Thanks for the opportunity to win a cast iron skillet!

  69. Kris Weimer says:

    thanks for the great giveaway!

  70. laura says:

    I want to cook in it and also put it in the oven for some recipes…healthy and versatile : )

  71. I’m phasing out all the teflon and nasty stuff in our house… bye bye plastic and nonstick things! I’ve been oogling some cast iron skillets, but the budget hasn’t allowed us to buy any yet…

  72. Michelle Clark says:

    I love cast iron! I’m trying to get rid of my teflon and aluminum pans and cast iron is one of the best replacements. I would use this for my skillet recipes that have you put in the oven, I currently don’t have a pan I can do that with. Thanks!

  73. Sarah Gifford says:

    I love cast iron for cooking! Sadly, I just have a tortilla maker cast iron, which has no sides. I use it all the time for making things that do not require liquids to be held, but I’d love to have something with sides! I refuse to use the nonstick stuff, and while I have glass pots and pans (which have been discontinued :-() from the early 80s (I grew up on them…managed to find them on ebay), they are a pain when it comes to making things like eggs and other items that require nonstick. Thanks for the awesome opportunity!

  74. ~Kari says:

    I just found out I am a diabetic and have completely changed my way of eating!!! I am learning so much by researching and finding out how BAD conventional eating is!! I still have so much to learn and am so thankful I found your website!!! I WOULD love to win this because I so need to change my cooking ware as well! Thank you for all the time and research you have put into this blog! ~Kari

  75. Missy Shay says:

    I prefer using cast iron skillet to anything else! Thank you for the chance! missysaprons@gmail.com

  76. Vicki Peters says:

    Cast Iron Give Away,

    I lost all mine in a hurricane in 2005 and have not been able to replace them. Would love to have some again!

  77. kris says:

    I love using cast iron pans. They are great! I have my grandmother’s pans that she used to cook in but I still could use more. It would be handy to have one more especially when cooking a big meal.

  78. Would love to have a second cast iron skillet for making dinner in, one just never seems to be enough!

  79. We use cast iron in the house for all of our meals. This size would be awesome for our summer camping trips! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!!

  80. All of these comments are so great! You know I only have one cast iron pan – I wish I could have another! Can I enter? wink wink!

  81. Shannon says:

    I am trying to learn to cook healthy meals, and one thing I don’t have is a frying pan/skillet. I have stainless steel pots, and one small teflon frying pan that is all I can use. So far the teflon hasn’t chipped or peeled…

  82. L.E. says:

    Herbs, tell me more about herbs ! :-)

  83. amy28renee@hotmail.com says:

    We need to replace our nonstick pans! I only have one pot and one pan that aren’t teflon.

  84. A preseasoned pan, that is nice. Love to have one as nothing beats cooking out of cast iron pan. Good for my organic pancakes. Yay..

  85. Stephanie W. says:

    Would love to acquire a cast iron pan as I don’t have any.

  86. Tatyana Boynetskiy says:

    I’ve been wanting a cast iron skillet for a while. Would love to win one.

  87. Love love love cast iron!!!

  88. Laura Fuhrmann says:

    We’ve been wanting a cast iron skillet for a long time. If I win that and find a bacon press, my hubby will be a happy man!

  89. Thanks for a great giveaway! I love cast iron!

  90. A C S says:

    I love cast iron pans! They are so much better for cooking then anything else (teflon). Thank you for this opportunity to win a new one!

  91. Emily Simon says:

    I would love to get this pan! Our family uses our cast iron multiple times a day. If I got this pan, we would probably start using it right away, but I would also save it for when I have my own household.

  92. I love cast iron! I don’t have much of it though… and it would be great to use for cooking for my family!

  93. justacamp@roadrunner.com says:

    We switched from an electic stove to a gas stove at home because I so loved cooking on my gas stove at camp with cast iron. Now I use cast iron almost every day. I have my favorite seasoned pan, but you can never have too much cast iron so I would love to win this pan!

  94. Maggie says:

    Love it!

  95. Athena T says:

    OMG I need a Cast Iron Skillet I have never had one. My mom used to cook everything in her skillet. I wish I could steal hers. LOL. And this is already seasoned, wow! I would cook all my veggie dishes in it, especially cabbage, yummmm. And corn bread, Quiche, BBQ tofu, the use of this skillet is endless! Thanks for the opportunity to win one! Smooches

  96. I would love to win a cast iron skillet. I have never used one, but I would love to start!

  97. I would love another cast iron skillet. We have one, but our growing family means more cooking. Another skillet would be a big time saver.

  98. i use my cast iron for almost everything, and could definitely use another!

  99. Audrey says:

    I would absolutely LOVE a cast iron skillet. We have completely changed our lifestyle and food in the last few years. So excited to find great informative and supportive blogs like yours. One thing that still needs replaced in our home is our cook wear. Thank you so much!

  100. I inherited my cast iron skillet when I married my husband 14 years ago. I have used it loyally for years but it has a tendency to warp on my stove. If I had this skillet I would replace my old one with it and use it for daily cooking – cooking meat, baking cornbread, frying eggs, stir frying veggies, making sauces – the list is endless!

  101. Would love to make some potatoes fried in duck fat in that skillet :)

  102. Kimberly Milstead says:

    There is a frying pan on my stove at all times!!! We use one for almost every meal :) I’d love a cast iron skillet as it would be so much better for my family than the Teflon coated type!! I’m working at changing the way we eat, cook, think …. healthy & organic!! The skillet would be a great start toward replacing all my cookware!!! Thank you!!!!!

  103. I need my own cast iron so I can make some of my grandmother’s delicious treats. Just never got around to buying one myself.

  104. Candra says:

    I would love this cast iron skillet as I have never had one and always enjoy using my husbands grandmothers CIS when we visit her. If I win, I would use it to make yummy healthy REAL food and replace another pan that is non-stick and needs to go bye-bye! Thanks for the chance!

  105. I need a nice big skillet to help cook for our family of 6. My vintage cast iron skillet is great but small.

  106. Want. Why? B/c I want to go all cast iron. Have one, would love another!

  107. I love my cast iron! I’d love to win this. :)

  108. Trina Nickel says:

    Cooking with cast iron is one of the healthiest ways to cook! I will only use cast iron! My cast iron skillet is small and I often find it hard to fit the food into it without it almost overflowing! I really would love to have one big enough to feed our familyworry-free. This was such a brilliant idea for a giveaway! Thank you for all of the great information you post! Please keep up the great work! :)

  109. Kristin says:

    I really hope I win!

  110. Christine says:

    I’ve never tried a cast iron pan before!

  111. I used to use cast iron all the time but a lot of it was lost in a move. I am starting to use it again and I need more cast iron! Excited to get back to it again!!

  112. SueH says:

    I would love a cast iron fry pan… I have to replace the non-stick, for something safe.

  113. Cindy Green says:

    I love cast iron and my fry pan just spider cracked all over so I need a new one!!!

  114. Mary says:

    I would love this cast iron pan. We are (unfortunately) still stuck using our old pans due to cost. This would be a huge blessing :)

  115. Amy S says:

    I love my cast iron skillets and you can never have too many.

  116. Tanya says:

    I would like to move to only cast iron,stainless and glass but right notw it is just not in the budget. I cook 99% of our meals from scratch and I would love a cast iron pan to do that with. Thank you for the chance to win!

  117. Meghan Adams says:

    This would help with the process of removing all the teflon from the house!

  118. Sandy Zimmer says:

    These pans would really help get the non stick pans out of the house, Thank You for the giveaway!

  119. I would cook lots of goodies for my family in this skillet. No more teflon!!!

  120. amanda mccandliss says:

    I’d love to make everything in this skillet.

  121. disqus_3uSqyF40oj says:

    I LOVE cast iron…seasoned to perfection, best tasting food always comes out of cast iron!

  122. Emily Waits says:

    I would love to win this skillet – updating our kitchen tools right now!

  123. Kiera says:

    Might sound crazy to many of you, but Hubby has been asking for a cast iron skillet for some time and every gift-giving season/event it slips my mind! (oops!!) What an great unexpected, just-because gift this would make!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  124. Danita says:

    Would love to win this pan so I can get rid of the last bit of teflon.

  125. Kelly Young says:

    I current have a teenie tiny cast iron skillet I use for frying one egg! I love it, but would love to be able to fry more than one egg at a time. Pluse it’s great to take casseroles from stovetop preparation straight into the oven.

  126. I’ll throw out my Teflon and get some quiche on.

  127. Katherine Jensen says:

    I am just getting used to cooking with cast iron. I would love to have more options. I feel so much better feeding my family out of cast iron rather than other non-stick options.

  128. I’m crossing my fingers! :)

  129. Richard and Laura Sanchez says:

    We are in the process of getting ALL the chemicals out of our house, including our cookware. This would be a huge blessing for us!

  130. mandy says:

    I only have 2 cast iron skillets and I cook all the time, don’t believe in using anything else!!

  131. Valerie says:

    would really love to use that amazing skillet!

  132. Need a cast iron ..trying to start cooking an living a mord healthy natural life.in an out of home

  133. Lori says:

    I’ve never used cast iron before and would love to discover what people go crazy over!! :)

  134. Sundevil99 says:

    Healthy cooking

  135. Suzanne Newberg says:

    I would finally venture away from my non-stick pans! I have always been hesitant to “season” a pan but this one is ready for use. Thank you!

  136. I would make dinner for my family :)

  137. tehi says:

    I’d love to switch over to healthier methods of preparing food. This would be a great start

  138. Linds says:

    Will not use non stick pans because of the chemicals released, so cast iron all the way! Plus, if there’s ever an intruder in your home, you have a handy way to protect yourself! :)

  139. I have four boys that I am trying to feed a healthier diet. I have made progress in getting real food for my kids. Just recently, I have read about the benefits of using cast iron. A cast iron skillet would be a great addition to my kitchen!

  140. This would be perfect for cooking a double batch of meat filling for lasagna! (I have a smaller cast iron that looks the same as this one).

  141. Guest says:

    Over the past several months, I have been working at a healthier diet for my four boys. Recently, I have read about the benefits of using a cast iron skillet. This would be a great addition to my kitchen!

  142. Amy Italiano says:

    Our family would be blessed to have the Lodge cast iron skillet! No more non-stick coating for this momma! Thank you for the chance to win!

  143. Joan Bowman says:

    I just want one really bad!

  144. Mary Torrice says:

    I just started using cast iron in some borrowed pans, it would be great to have my own!

  145. cmh says:

    Unfortunately my cast iron has seen better days would love some new :)

  146. Guest says:

    I would pretty much cook everything in that pan – I would throw out my old stainless steel frying pan that I’ve had for probably 10 yrs that has a warped bottom so things burn on one side and don’t cook on the other 😉

  147. st.smith.4@hotmail.com says:

    I would pretty much cook everything in that pan – I would throw out my old stainless steel frying pan that I’ve had for probably 10 yrs that has a warped bottom so things burn on one side and don’t cook on the other lol

  148. Natalie Ann says:

    I would love to win this. Although I have no idea how to use one…yet! Never used one before. :)

  149. Abby says:

    Don’t own one and would love to try it!!

  150. Lauren Dow says:

    I wanted one of these for so long! I would cook so many good tummy things!

  151. John Dye says:

    We lost ours in a house fire. Used it for fry-bread and fish at fishcamp and at home.

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