Home Remedies for Healthy Lung Function

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Home Remedies for Healthy Lung Function | www.homemademommy.net

I was diagnosed with weak lung function back when I was 8 years old. I spent many years not able to do the things I wanted because of it. I have spent the past few years doing many things to help make my lungs healthy again and have learned so much in the process. I worked with my doctor and am happy to say I have many home remedies to share with you to continue to get better and better!

Building Healthy Lungs

Over the past three years, I have made many changes in my diet including:

  • eating more fermented foods like sauerkraut and kefir
  • eating more healthy saturated fats like butter
  • consuming gelatin-rich bone broth
  • ditching processed foods with chemical additives, especially rancid vegetable oils like canola, soy and corn oils
  • going mostly grain free – wheat especially triggers attacks

These changes brought me a long way!

So am I totally healthy? Not quite.

I still have symptoms when my body is inundated with my triggers. When I enter a reactive state I tend to get flares. Are they as severe? Not usually. However, I wanted something I could use to calm my lungs when they needed it. Something that didn’t make me jittery.

Home Remedies for Healthy Lung Function

After months of experimentation on various remedies including these home remedies for seasonal sniffles, I am happy to share that I now have a number of natural remedies to support my lungs and breathing and my emotions with essential oils. If you think essential oils are only for making your house or homemade beauty and cleaning products smell nice, then you are in for a surprise. I was personally shocked that they worked so incredibly well for my lung function. Floored.

So what can I share about essential oils for healthy lung function? Here I have a recipe for a healthy lung roll-on that works well in my own personal experience as well as some essential oils to calm my emotions as well. Every root cause and presentation of weak lungs is different. I would highly recommend working with a naturopathic doctor or functional medicine practitioner to work through a diet change plan and supplement plan that works best for you. Trial and error is key to finding what works for your body.

Home Remedies for Healthy Lung Function: Homemade Roll-on Blend

This blend includes 4 powerful essential oils with properties that can help promote healthy lung function. I have found these oils to be gentle, yet immediately effective when applied to my chest and throat just over my bronchial tubes. 



Drop the essential oils and carrier oil into a roll-on bottle and rub between your hands to mix together. Apply as needed to the chest and neck. I carry this in my purse with me at all times.

Must Have for Daily Healthy Lung Function: Diffuser Necklace

When I am feeling wheezy, I add a drop of Raven and Copaiba to a diffuser necklace and wear all day. This keeps my chest wide and open that day. I have one of these and one of these.

Home Remedies for Healthy Lung Function: Other essential oils to look into

Breathe Again Roll On Blend

I have tried this blend and use it often. Why? It helps to get rid of that incessant drip at the back of my throat which seems to impact my lungs. Breathe Again is also a great oil blend to rub over the chest and neck before a run or other type of vigorous exercise. It really opens up the airways!  (where I buy this therapeutic essential oil)


Frankincense is a very versatile oil. I find this oil works on opening up the heart when I are feeling overwhelmed. It takes away that tightness. If you are feeling overwhelmed and need to calm down, this might be a good one to try. (where I buy this therapeutic essential oil)


Copaiba seems to take my triggers and kick them to the curb. When I am in a reactive state, my body’s immune system reacts in kind. Copaiba calms my immune system from reacting so heavily. I have found if I have a very mild attack, I can start with just a drop of Copaiba and see if that helps. It usually does. (where I buy this therapeutic essential oil)

OilyAngels_ecourse banner

As I grow my knowledge in holistic home remedies, I am thrilled that I can get the help I need without using toxic products with laundry lists of side effects. But I share what I do with great humility. Please be cautious and listen to your body. Working with weak lungs requires close monitoring and management. If you do not have your lungs and breathing under control, it can cause serious illness and complications. Take care to be smart with these home remedies. If you cannot breathe, use the medications you need or get to a doctor!

What do you think? Which essential oils from the above list do you think work for you?

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Home Remedies for Healthy Lung Function | www.homemademommy.net

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19 Responses to Home Remedies for Healthy Lung Function

  1. Emily S. says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! After introducing raw milk and fermented foods as well as cleaning up my diet, my asthma has been better than ever. I even was able to cut my preventative inhaler dose in half. Did you take a daily inhaler? I would so love to be off my daily medication, but inhaled corticosteroids can be difficult to “wean” off. Just curious if you had any experience getting off of a daily inhaler.

    • Happy to share my experiences. One day I realized I could stop. I didn’t really wean per se I don’t think. I was on a daily inhaler (two sometimes) and also daily oral meds. I think I stopped taking one and then the other with no incident. Again – had been on my diet changes for probably 3-6 months (I can’t remember) and wasn’t having symptoms. It has been a long road experimenting and ensuring I have the things I need on hand to help when something happens.

    • Jessica says:

      I was able to taper off of my inhaled steroids over the course of a few months. I would take them twice daily, then once daily for a few weeks, then every other day for a few weeks, then every third day for a few weeks. You have to be very careful and do a slow taper because corticosteroids affect your adrenal and pituitary glands. I am an optometrist and prescribe steroids frequently for different eye conditions, so I am familiar with them. I also worked with a naturopathic physician who also helped me identify food allergies (bananas!) and other inflammatory triggers. I also take high quality fish oil- as an antiinflammatory, and magnesium which acts as a bronchodilator. Very simple, and I am no longer on steroid inhalers, and rarely albuterol, which I had been on for almost 20 years with poor control. Good luck to you all and thanks for the post!
      P.S. Some hospitals are now offereing IV magnesium for acute asthma attacks instead of IV steroids! I take it orally before hiking, skiing, and other activities that may flare my asthma with great success.

  2. Nicole says:

    I had really bad asthma too until I cleaned up my diet. I try to include things in my diet that I know are anti-inflammatory but this summer we had so much rain in Georgia that we had a mold outbreak in our basement. I was trying to stay away from using bleach so we finally found a sodium carbonate that kills the mold and I feel more comfortable using than bleach. The mold set off my asthma but I haven’t used inhalers in years and my emergency one was empty and they have stopped selling primatine inhalers. I did get some of the pills just in case but those have worse jitters than the prescription meds. Instead we had heard that burning sage will stop an asthma attack and it worked! I have used it a few times since summer and it always works for me! I will have to check out some of these essential oils I have never heard about. Great article!

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  4. Heather says:

    Central Texas!!!! Yay! I represent SAn Angelo. If your close I’d love to know your local resources for food!

  5. Chris says:

    Hey Lindsey,
    I have eucalytus, frankincense, peppermint and lemon EOs at home and I’d like trying to make my own blend. Any suggestions on the ratio? The YL Breathe Again blend has a focus on eucalytus, but the other blends are pretty mixed ^^” as far as I can see… I have a light asthma which is triggered by chemical fragrances, in general chemical smells… and i want to get off the “you will die sooner without this” medicine (as the doc has put it) a.k.a. a cortison powder spray …. any help would be MUCH appreciated =)
    greetings from germany

    PS: the young living EOs are fricking expensive o,o at least via the online shop on their website (they have a section for germany xD)… a bottle of the Raven blend with 15ml (ca. 0,5oz) costs nearly 39,00euros (54,00$).. holy crap… sry for swearing but OMFG

  6. Great post Lindsey! You have a photo of a small child, so I was assuming this post was for kids, but I see it’s written about your experience with what’s helped you as an adult with asthma. Do you know if these oils are safe for children though? I know many oils that are okay for adults aren’t okay for kids so I’m curious about the ones you recommend here.

  7. Connie says:

    Thanks for all the great information you always post!! I have a 8 yo boy with asthma have been using EO with him haven’t had to use his inhalers or nebs lately. Love having some new ideas to use with him. Thanks again!

  8. Rachel says:

    I developed asthma a year ago at the age of 40 and dealt with it a year before I started the elimination diet to find the culprit. Low and behold, it was the tomatoes!! Esp the raw ones. Wheat seems to be an issue as well. It has been like night and day eliminating those two things, as well as trying to stay off the dairy when I can. I’ve also incorporated taking Glutamine and Quercetin for 6 weeks per Dr. Klapper to help heal the gut and this has made a HUGE improvement.

    Here is an 8 minute video with him discussing leaky gut syndrome:

    Hope this helps!

  9. Ivan says:

    I have suffered from Asthma for most of my 51 years and have 2 children who are Asthmatics. So helping those with Asthma is dear to me.

    As aforementioned, proper nutrition and lifestyle is key. To greater impact this dis-ease for the long run, I offer the following considerations:
    -balance kidney, lung and heart energy according to acupuncture
    -eliminate bacteria
    -remove worms and other parasites
    -eliminate mucus and catarrh
    -eliminate irritants causing mucus and catarrh
    -heal the digestive system (food and skin sensitivities usually indicate an unhealthy digestive system)
    -heal pulmonary arteries and remove any cellular debris causing obstruction
    -balance and heal the heart
    -consider emotional influences and address appropriately

    Providing that these considerations are met, one has an opportunity to be Asthma free or greatly reduce the severity or frequency of outbreaks.

    “You gotta get to the root cause”.

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  12. Jen says:

    I love these oils. My daughter is asthma free using this same regimen. And the cost is NOTHING compared to the 5 meds she was on. We spent $300+ per MONTH on meds. So $50 for a bottle of raven that has 250 drops in it (at 1-2 drops per dose) is nothing. Thanks for posting!

  13. […] ways to avoid over the counter meds and steroids for migraines, constipation, eczema, allergies and asthma […]

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