15 Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts For Natural Mamas

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15 Homemade Mother's Day Gifts for Natural Mamas | www.homemademommy.net

Looking for some easy homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas for your natural mama? Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and I know a lot of you are looking for ideas on how to treat the mamas in your life. You want to give them a bit of pampering, a bit of love. It’s Mom’s special day, time to give her some love!

A word of advice…Homemade is meaningful!

Homemade gifts are always super-special to a mom. Knowing that you took the time to make something special for her, something that you know she would like and use…that’s an incredible gift! If that sounds like something you’d like to make for your mom (or the special lady in your life who’s become a mom), here are some easy gift ideas for your natural mama for Mother’s Day!

15 Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts For Natural Mamas

1. Homemade Rosemary Peppermint Shampoo

Moms deserve a shampoo that smells nice! This gentle shampoo is all-natural, and nourishes the hair with rosemary and peppermint essential oils.Homemade Rosemary Peppermint Shampoo | www.homemademommy.net

2. Homemade Perfume

What’s your mom’s favorite perfume? This post shows how to take whatever scent your mom loves, and make a custom perfume! There are two ways to do this: as a roll-on perfume or a solid perfume. Both smell equally divine and make for a wonderful easy homemade gift for mom.

3. Homemade Muscle Balm

Hooray for fit mamas! This all-natural muscle balm is perfect for mamas addicted to Crossfit (or even yoga!).

4. Mason Jar Drink Cups

This is one of the best ideas I’ve  seen. If the mom in your life loves her morning smoothies, or even just some wine to go (just kidding!), make her a drink bottle out of an ordinary Mason jar!

5. Beach Body Polish

We all know one beachy momma who loves to take their kids out shell collecting! This body polish for mommas of the waves, not just for its exfoliating properties but because it smells just like the ocean.Beach-Body-Polish-Recipe

6. All-Natural Shaving Cream

It is a shame that luxurious shaving creams are so expensive. This homemade shaving cream features shea butter and sweet almond oil, and it’s much more suitable for Mother’s Day.

7. Chocolate Mint Lip Balm

I’ll be honest: I’m always losing my lip balms. They fall down somewhere in the car, they disappear while walking around, and goodness knows my purse eats them with some frequency. If your mom’s the same way, make her up some of these Chocolate Mint Lip Balms. They have a great flavor, and you can make a bunch of tubes at once.

8. Cooling Peppermint Toner

This toner is not only all-natural, but it can also help perk you up in the morning and also beat the hot summer heat. Great for moms who rise early to take folks to school and work (ahem, or blog).

9. A Restful Night’s Sleep

Wait? What?! Yes I am being serious. Rub this cream on your whiny kiddos at night and you will be amazed at how everyone sleeps better! What mom doesn’t need magnesium to help calm her whiny children to sleep? This calming rub with magnesium will do the trick nicely! And it smells divine to boot!

10. Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

Super easy to make and oh so chic for the guest bathroom, this homemade foaming hand soap smells absolutely divine and makes for an easy DIY gift for mother’s day!Easy Homemade Foaming Hand Soap | www.homemademommy.net

11. Easy Homemade Chocolate

Every mom deserves a treat! These chocolate bars are easy to make, and are perfect treats for moms with a sweet tooth.

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12. Anti-Anxiety Roll-On Using Essential Oils

Every mom gets stressed out. Make her this roll-on to give her a nice way to calm down a bit while pampering herself with healthful oils.Anti-Anxiety Roll-on Blend Using Essential Oils | www.homemademommy.net

13. Detox Bath Salts

As a mom myself, I can testify that sometimes there’s nothing I want more than a nice refreshing bath. This refreshing bath salts recipe is perfect for any mom who’s constantly on-the-go.

14. Chocolate Mousse

This is seriously one of my favorite desserts to pass on to moms, or those making gifts for them. It’s a simple, nice treat. You can enjoy it luxuriously or in a hurry (pudding cup style), which is perfect for moms with a sweet tooth.

15. Homemade Whipped Body Butter

Every woman wants to rub those dry cracked heels to amazing softness, right? Here are 6 homemade body butters to inspire you to make some. Guess what? It is super easy and makes for an amazing gift for any mom!6 Easy Body Butter Recipes | www.homemademommy.net

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15 Homemade Mother's Day Gifts for Natural Mamas | www.homemademommy.net

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3 Responses to 15 Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts For Natural Mamas

  1. Christina says:

    Great ideas! I’ve been using the mason jar as a water bottle for quite a while, ever since I first saw it on Pinterest.
    Every time I have it with me at work, patients who come to the counter have to comment on what a great idea it is!
    (too bad I can’t sell them..lol)

    I’m a busy mom and look forward to checking out some of your ideas for REAL food. :-)

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Posts may contain affiliate links, including Amazon.com affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your costs will be the same but Homemade Mommy will receive a small commission. This helps cover some of the costs for this site. We appreciate your support! Disclaimer

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