Basic Brown Rice

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Cardamom Brown Rice via Homemade Mommy

Nourishing Rice

Are you still cooking rice in water?  A great way to make it more nourishing is to cook your rice in bone broth and coconut milk!  I try to get bone broth in everyday and I want my family to eat it too but guess what? They don’t like drinking it straight like me (go figure). So I make this rice multiple times a week and I know they are getting some.  I use a rice cooker but if you make rice on the stove top just adjust liquid level accordingly depending on how much you normally use.

Basic Brown Rice



I put all of these ingredients into my rice cooker, push the button and magically I get rice in about 30-45 min where it sits on ‘warm’ until it is time to eat. Couldn’t be an easier more nourishing side dish!

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Really good with the amazing sauce and kale chips and whatever meat or fish you want to make that night. I sometimes freeze the leftovers for use in a pinch.  Can be used the next day in a stir fry.

Photo credit: Satoru Kikuchi, on flickr

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  16. Wendi says:

    Do you have (or know of) a rice cooker that doesn’t have a non-stick interior bowl?

  17. Samantha Anastasiou says:

    what is the difference between bone broth and stock? also, i see that the liquid is much more than the usual 2:1 ratio. why is that?
    thanks in advance!

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  22. Nicole says:

    Do you ever soak or rinse your rice before cooking it? If so, how long?

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